Customised Pharmacy Automation Solutions

Improve patient outcomes, customer service levels and operating costs with customised pharmacy automation systems.

Pharmacy automation
solutions customised for your business

No matter what kind of business model your pharmacy uses, we can design an automated solution to suit your needs.

Improve patient outcomes and customer service while saving money

You get access to the latest technology and practices when you work with a partner that understands the business of pharmacy.

Reliable pharmacy automation with a proven track record

You can trust your pharmacy business to our expertise and experience.

Pharmacy Automation Technology for Central Fill Facilities

Support your pharmacy’s unique operational, regulatory and financial requirements with customised automation technology.

Expand your pharmacy services portfolio and improve medication adherence

If you process a large volume of prescriptions daily, Solutions lets you build or customise a central fill facility equipped with a high-speed robotic system

Boost financial performance and with pharmacy automation

Work with a team of the most experienced Irish pharmacists in the industry.

Optimise your pharmacy’s operational efficiency

Automate medication dispensing and reduce administrative complexity with the fastest and most accurate robotic counting technology in the industry (99.99%).

Central Fill as a Service: Centralised Prescription Dispensing System

Take advantage of the central fill pharmacy model with minimal upfront investment and inventory carrying costs.

Reduce upfront investment and medication inventory carrying costs

Enjoy the benefits of central fill without a significant capital investment.
Eliminate drug inventory carrying costs.

Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs

Decrease your system-wide labour cost per prescription with automated prescription fulfilment.
Reduce on-site inventory with storing inventory at central fill facility.
Reduce overall dispense costs by relying on centralised prescription dispensing and fulfilment.

Use EMAR for your patients care and safety

Minimise dispensing errors and reach 99.99% count accuracy with high-volume automated prescription fulfilment with
✓ Let your pharmacy and healthcare team focus on value-add patients services including bedside administration of medication
Reduce hospital readmissions with pharmacy automation technology that supports patient medication adherence programs

Pharmacy automation that provides high quality in high quantities

When you invest in a pharmacy automation system to optimise your drug dispensing operations, you shift prescription processing from your pharmacy staff to a centralised prescription fulfilment system.

Pharmacy automation for unparalleled accuracy and quality

Automate up to 95% of all countable prescriptions. Deliver industry-leading 99.99% robotic counting accuracy. Enhance safety with RFID, barcode and imaging technology.

Automation technology that operates with your pharmacy management system

Our unique cloud-based technology integrates with multiple pharmacy management systems from